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Key Policies

Behavioural Limits

Behavioural Limits

Moving Forward Family Services Society is committed to providing an environment free from unacceptable conduct and behaviour. Behaviours that require staff intervention may include but not limited to safety issues, disruptive or inappropriate behaviours, and harassment. Such interventions may include ending sessions early and terminating the therapeutic relationship.

Persons Under the Influence

Relevant staff, Clinical Supervisors, Manager and/or the Executive Director will request any person entering the Moving Forward to leave if they are under the influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs.

However, this action does not occur under these circumstances:

  • If it is determined by the program staff in consultation with the clinical supervisor and manager to be the client’s best interest to remain at the Moving Forward facility briefly to receive assessment counselling services
  • The person under the influence is a minor

Moreover, suppose the individual under the influence has driven to the Moving Forward facility and insists on returning to their car. In that case, a staff member is to inform the individual that the Police will be notified.

If the individual insists on driving their car, the staff member will provide appropriate information to the local police detachment such as license plate number, model of the care, a description of the driver, and the direction of travel of the care.