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Key Policies


Telephone, Text, Or Email Communication

Agency Policy is that texting and emailing is only used for appointment reminders or if you forgot when your next appointment is and need a reminder. The counsellor cannot communicate about anything else via text.

Please note that if you contact your counsellor by text/email or leave a phone message, they may not be available to reply for several hours or possibly several days. We are an outpatient service, with services typically offered for 50 minutes once per week; this may not be sufficient to meet your needs. If you are struggling between counselling sessions, please consider contacting resources listed in a separate tab on our website.

If you requested counselling services with an intern counsellor in practicum, be aware that you may be asked to have counselling sessions recorded. The purpose of the recording is for the intern’s continuous professional development that the focus is not on you but rather on ensuring the intern counsellor is doing the best clinical work possible. The recording would only be reviewed by the intern’s school and site supervisors, and that it would be destroyed shortly after review.

Record Keeping

It is common practice in counselling to maintain brief records of sessions and progress. These records will mainly note your presence, what interventions were used in the session, and discussion topics during sessions. You are entitled to a copy of your records, or should you wish, a summary of your sessions can be prepared for you. The counsellor will keep your records in a secure location. The counsellor will not use your personal information for any purpose other than delivering counselling services to you.