Mehreen Masud - Research Assistant & Accessible Counsellor

Mehreen is a Counsellor and is currently working as a research assistant for the Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for South Asian Canadians Project. Mehreen also provides accessible EMDR therapy with Moving Forward.

Accepting Internship Applications

Mehreen is currently working as a research assistant for one of our projects of culturally adapted cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for South Asian Canadians, and a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) at Moving forward.

Being an immigrant settled in Canada and a stay at home parent, it was challenging for Mehreen to find a practicum placement during her Masters Degree studies. But she never gave up and eventually secured a placement at Moving Forward, who extended their ladder of opportunity to get her onboard on their vision of “a world without sorrow.” She feels humbled being supported and passionate to give back to the community by helping less privileged folks with limited resources. Her resiliency and optimism are reflected by her therapeutic work with her clients through instilling hope and helping them find meanings in their struggles.

Mehreen had received her first Master’s degree in applied psychology from University of Punjab, Pakistan, almost 18 years before and completed her second Master’s in counselling psychology from Yorkville University, Canada. She has also received trainings in various therapeutic modalities; most recently, she has completed her certification in “how to treat high-conflict and conflict- avoidant couples with the power of developmental model through institute of Dr. Ellyn Bader”. She is currently completing her certification in mindfulness based somatic therapy for trauma and hopes to excel in trauma work to support trauma survivors.

In her clinical practice, she applies integrated psycho-therapeutic approaches included cognitive behavior therapy (CBT),mindfulness based dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and emotions focused therapy (EFT) with her clients. Mehreen has experience in working with diverse populations including teenaged, young adults, adults, seniors, and families with various mental health issues. She also obtained significant experience working closely with perpetrators of and victims of domestic abuse.  Her areas of expertise are relationship counselling, emotional regulation issues, domestic violence, addiction, and trauma and abuse. Being a trauma survivor herself, she strongly advocates for victims of abuse and helps them feel safe within their bodies while discovering the impacts of abuse.

Mehreen enjoys learning new things and claims to be a student of life. In her spare time, she loves to read and write, practice yoga,and spend time with her family.

Her favorite quote is, “The wound is the place where thelight enters you” (Rumi)