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Our mission of empowering underserved communities through accessible counselling is made possible by people like you. Thank you for donating or sponsoring Moving Forward.

Registered Charity #: 760671891RR0001

Moving Forward

Moving Forward offers free short-term and affordable long-term counselling options to underserved communities across Canada via in-person, telephone, and online platforms. We welcome you to our judgment-free environment where you can get the help you need no matter your age, race, identified gender, financial situation, or location. Together we can create A World Without Sorrow.

For service options/wait times please visit the Get Started/Services page

Our Mission

Empowering Underserved Communities Through Accessible Counselling

Public services are designed to help as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. They also tend to be restrictive in who they serve and typically have long wait times. Private services are more open with minimal waits but are expensive. Moving Forward attempts to bridge the gap between these two models by offering low-cost services for long-term healing.

Who is Moving Forward For?

Moving Forward is your low-barrier entry to mental health services. While we may not be a great fit for everyone, our goal is to provide mental health services to those who slip through the cracks in our healthcare system. For Canadians without an extensive health benefits plan or cannot afford private therapy, we’re ready to help. However, if your benefits include mental health coverage or you earn a high income, we can refer you to an experienced registered counsellor in our network.

  • Low-income individuals, couples, families who are turned away from public services and cannot afford private therapy are welcome at Moving Forward.
  • Services are provided to all ages, genders, religions, groups, no matter their financial status. We also have services offered in 20 languages (some language-specific services are with private registered counsellors, so minimum fees would apply).
  • Canadian residents can benefit from online or over-the-phone services. If you’re in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, you can visit us in Surrey (minimum fees apply)

What Services Are Offered By Moving Forward?

Moving Forward offers a wide range of counselling, social work, and mental health services. Our unique model allows us to complement existing services instead of competing with them, thus reducing overall pressure on our healthcare industry. Our services are provided by Clinical Counsellors, Social Workers and supervised interns in the following areas:

  • Free Moving Forward Life Skills Coaching and Moving Forward Healthy Relationships Coaching Programs. Parenting and Mindfulness Coaching programs coming soon!
  • Inclusive counselling for trauma, stress, anger, substance abuse, grief, loss, depression, anxiety and much more
  • Community-focused groups and workshops

For Clients

Find a solution to life’s challenging situations with a dedicated counsellor who understands you. Our diverse practitioners provide mental health therapy to the 99% who can’t afford it. Everyone is accepted. Every part of you is welcome.

Get Started

For Interns

Gain practical counselling experience and complete your program by helping people who can’t get help otherwise. Take ownership of your practice — our clinical supervisors will support you every step of the way.

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For Donors

Please make a difference in your community by giving low-income families a chance to resolve their mental health issues through therapy. For $5 donated, we can provide up to 15 minutes of counselling services.

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Moving Forward Family Services - Gary

A Letter from Gary


I’m Gary Thandi, the founder and Executive Director of Moving Forward.

I believe everyone has some form of struggle, and while it isn’t always a bad thing, everyone should have equitable access to the support needed to address it. That’s why I started Moving Forward. We support everyone, including the most vulnerable in our communities, especially those who may not be eligible for services in the public sector. We know how difficult it can be to find help promptly, especially without an extensive benefits plan. This is where Moving Forward can help.

We believe early intervention and prevention can benefit our society as a whole. Shorter wait times mean your needs are addressed quickly, helping you overcome your struggles. Plus, early action can lower resource investment on the other end of the spectrum, such as policing, corrections, or long-term hospitalization.

We are passionate about helping people and want to help out any way we can. We have a variety of services offered in over 20 languages meaning everyone is welcome, even you!

– Gary

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