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Our mission of empowering underserved communities through accessible counselling is made possible by people like you. Thank you for donating or sponsoring Moving Forward.

Registered Charity #: 760671891RR0001

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Our mission of empowering underserved communities through accessible counselling is made possible by people like you. Thank you for donating or sponsoring Moving Forward.

Why Donate To Moving Forward?

Moving Forward provides low-barrier counselling to the most vulnerable people in our communities. These people may not be able to afford private therapy or qualify for public counselling. We welcome everyone no matter their race, age, location, identified gender, financial situation, etc. Our goal is A World Without Sorrow and to make it happen, we need your help.

Publicly funded short-term follow-up mental health and wellness services are intended to provide a limited number of sessions with a limited focus.

Longer-term supports are typically beyond the scope of publicly funded systems and are only available through private therapists. Unfortunately many people in need of counselling are unable to afford private therapy and do not have insurance.

Moving Forward is positioned to fill this gap. We provide short, medium and long-term therapy to those who would otherwise be unable to receive the help they need.

A Little Goes A Long Way At Moving Forward

For every $20 donated, we can provide up to one hour of counselling services to someone who needs it. For $100, we can provide five sessions to those who truly need mental health services. Therapy can be extremely expensive, yet our unique model allows us to stretch every dollar to its maximum potential. We are also a registered charity meaning donors receive a taxable receipt.

The vast majority of our services operate on philanthropic support. We do our best to keep our operating costs low by using volunteers and donated space for in-person sessions. Our innovative model uses supervised recent grads and interns to provide counselling. We also have a strong network of registered counsellors who reserve a certain number of spots for lower fee clients. This way, you can be sure that your donation is spent wisely.

Sponsoring Moving Forward

Want to get more involved at Moving Forward? Looking to have control over where your donation goes? Talk to us about a sponsorship!

Sponsors can make a significant impact for everyone at Moving Forward. Sponsors are purpose driven and we work with them closely to ensure their ideas come to fruition. Whether you’re a company looking to collaborate on a fundraising event, an individual looking to sponsor a child’s therapy sessions, want a room at Moving Forward named after you, or anything else, get in touch with us and we can make it happen.

Sponsorship Ideas

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few ideas to help!

Sponsor Someone's Therapy

It only takes $20 to sponsor an entire hour-long therapy session. $100 covers five sessions and you can sponsor someone in your community who would benefit greatly from our services.

Plan a Fundraising Event

Whether it’s a fun run, dinner, bake sale or auction, we’d love to be involved in your special event.

Leave Your Legacy

Whether it’s a conference room or being acknowledged on our website, we would be happy to name our sponsors to give them the recognition they deserve.

Pay It Forward

If you’re attending therapy, why not pay it forward? For every session you attend, you can sponsor one of our clients to go through our program. Together you’ll both become happier and healthier.

All sponsor inquiries are welcome at Moving Forward. To get started, make sure to contact Gary Thandi at or call at 778-321-3054. Donors and sponsors will also receive a taxable receipt from Moving Forward.

Moving Forward Family Services - Gary

A Letter from Gary

Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring or donating to Moving Forward.

Moving Forward is a mentorship agency. We provide counselling and social work practice opportunities to interns and new graduates beginning private practice. We fill the gaps between limited public services and private services that many people cannot afford.

We receive funding for two clinical supervisor positions(Community Action Initiative, Ministry for Mental Health and Addictions, Gaming), and through philanthropic support, subcontracts and nominal fees collected, we can subcontract several more clinical supervisors. In turn, these supervisors oversee an agency with over 275 part-time counsellors, social workers, and interns on post-secondary practicums, providing support to some of our most vulnerable communities. Community support also comes by way of donated space.

This unique, made-in-BC model allows the agency to offer timely, affordable (including free) short-term and long-term counselling and support without being bound by restrictions based on gender, age, geography, or presenting issues. We are an extension of the student’s classroom, allowing them to practice holistically with a diverse range of clients.

Our funding approach also allows Moving Forward to complement existing services instead of competing with them for the same pools of traditional funding, thus reducing pressures on these services. The size of our team and the number of new and existing clients we see per week makes us one of the busiest agencies in the country. This is all done with funding for one position, nominal fees collected and philanthropic support.

Moving Forward is committed to building and contributing to healthy, healing communities. We continue to develop partnerships in the public and private sectors to further this mission. If interested in collaborations focused on mental health, substance use, intimate partner violence, child and youth mental health, wellness and healing, please feel free to contact me at 778-321-3054 or Please also feel free to share this email with any of our contacts interested in working with us.


Gary Thandi, MSW RSW
Founder and Executive Director
Moving Forward Family Services