Why Sports are Beneficial to All Individuals

Raajan Mann, Youth Volunteer

Evidence shows that active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults. Playing sports has so many benefits because it teaches people many life lessons. Simply exercising for fifteen minutes every day can change peoples’ lives. Sports has many advantages such as teaching people strenuous work, keeping individuals in shape and teaching people not to give up.    


To begin with, playing sports teaches people strenuous work. For example, athletes have to try their best, and if they do not do this, they will have no chance of winning. When the Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association, were playing the Eastern conference finals, they thought that they would win easily over the Toronto Raptors another basketball team, but they lost very badly. Sports teaches individuals that if they do not try their best in life, then athletes will not succeed. As a result, people will have face everyday challenges if individuals do not try their best.          


In addition, playing sports teaches people not to give up because unexpected events can occur in sports. For instance, when playing sports athletes should never give up because they always have a chance to win. When I was playing at Sunshine Hills Tennis Club against an opponent who was two years older than me, he was winning six games to two in the first set and each set consisted six games. In the second set, he was winning five games to one, and I never gave up and won the set seven games to five. As a result, if citizens play a lot of sports, they will learn to not accept defeat in life; for example, if an individual applies to medical school, and they do not get accepted, their habit will be to keep trying and there is a chance they can get accepted the third or fourth time they apply.        


Lastly, participating in sports keeps individuals in tangible shape. For instance, in order to play sports very well athletes need to be in adequate form to be able to run for long amounts of time, and sports require a lot of exercising. This year, I started track and field training at Bear Creek Park in Surrey B.C and at first, I was very slow, but when I started getting more in shape and stronger, I started to get faster and I improved at lot. Sports teach people that it is vital to be healthy and not obese and unhealthy. Sports teaches individuals to stay in shape in order to have a comfortable life. As a result, people will have more friends and they will not be made fun of because of their looks and their obesity; they will also have more job offers because they have the capability to find better employment.      


Sports are beneficial to all individuals because competitive activities teach people how to always keep going and remain active. It teaches people to stay in healthy conditions; it also motivates individuals to participate in vigorous work. Sports are crucial to people because it helps people with life skills and sports are also very challenging and stimulating. Overall, every individual should be exploiting the benefits of sports every day of their lives.


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