Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling Supervisor / Registered Professional Counsellor / Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist / Provincial Instructor Diploma Program / Family Mediation Certificate / Life Coach Certificate

Andrew Bexson

A driven scholar who seeks to share his knowledge. Andrew is moved by the works of the Dalai Lama and Thomas Merton, and holds a Family Mediation Certificate.

Accepting Internship Applications

Throughout his professional career Andrew has worked in the field of education, law, family services, and mental health. He is an avid scholar who received high grades throughout his education, tenaciously completing a Family Mediation Certificate within a lengthy period. Over the years, Andrew has been an active participant in restorative justice, co-facilitating meetings to find ways to support this approach. Andrew believes that learning is an endless process, and is motivated to immerse himself in it so that he can impart his knowledge to others with the goal of contributing to their success. By working with the interns at Moving Forward, Andrew is willing and able to pass along his experiences; he hopes to provide a source of encouragement and wishes to aid them in their journey to success in the field of counselling.

Andrew is inspired by the individuals who have been able to find the strength to overcome personal challenges, and those who are interested and willing to support others. He finds the work of the Dalai Lama moving, specifically his messages that communicate to focus on others with affection rather than anger. He is also intrigued by Thomas Merton’s thoughts on racism, social justice, love, and compassion.

Andrew enjoys hiking, walking by the ocean, fixing and riding vintage motorcycles, writing, reading, and painting. In his youth he completed a half-marathon. Andrew is also well travelled – at one point in his life he spent two years travelling the world and utilized opportunities to support poverty-stricken communities.

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