Social Worker / Counsellor / Clinical Practicum Supervisor / Masters of Social Work / Trained in EMDR & Clinical Hypnosis

Bernard Jacobs

Bernard is a strong advocate for continued education. He has helped all groups of people for over four decades, but now focuses on working more with men.

Accepting Internship Applications

Bernard has been a social worker and counsellor for thirty-nine years. Throughout his career Bernard has co-created a support group in South Africa for families struggling with mental health issues; this group was similar to the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill. He has also founded a men’s group in British Columbia which is still running today. Bernard has worked with individuals that struggle with mental health issues, addiction, relationship problems, domestic abuse and violence. He works with people of all ages, race, gender, and lifestyles; however, he has shifted towards working more with men. Bernard continues to educate himself and strives to stay on top of the ever-developing field of psychology; he believes this is an essential piece to providing effective services to those he works with.

Bernard is inspired by his clients and the change that they create while working together. In his own words, Bernard believes that “lives are changed when people are in meaningful relationships.” Another source of inspiration is the vision of Moving Forward. He loves that Moving Forward sees the individuals that the system often overlooks and provides them with the support they deserve. Bernard also loves working with the interns at Moving Forward as he feels that their hard work and determination to enter the counselling field keeps him sharp.

When Bernard is not working, he enjoys listening to music, experimenting with acrylic art, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Bernard is “a man of simple tastes but loves good food!”