Registered Clinical Counsellor / Department Head / Clinical Practicum Supervisor / Instructor

Christina Savage

Christina’s approach to mental health is integrative with a foundation in feminist and systems theory. She works with individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma and various forms of oppression.

Accepting Internship Applications

Christina has worked in the mental health field for over twenty years. During this time, Christina has received training in accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Sue Johnson’s emotion-focused couples counselling, Gottman couples counselling (Level 1), narrative therapy, expressive and sand tray therapy, Janina Fisher’s somatic Interventions for complex trauma and shame, and polyvagal treatment in trauma with Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

Christina’s approach is integrative with a foundation in feminist and systems theory. Throughout her career she has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations as well as in private practice. Christina has worked extensively with individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma and/or various forms of oppression. She also works with individuals who have been impacted by disordered eating and body image, and with the LGBT community. 

Christina is inspired by her clients. She finds them resourceful, resilient, and creative in their approach to life challenges. The indirect teachings of her clients have taught her about kindness, the importance of being genuine and humble, and to listen without judgment. Christina has also found her work with children to be invaluable and enabled her to become playful. Play children’s natural language. She recognizes the importance in nurturing the attachment relationship and views it as an important foundation in creating stability, security and safety within the therapeutic relationship. 

In 2017 Christina began working for Stenberg College as an instructor in the Counselling Therapy Private Practice program and in 2020 she became the program’s department head and practicum monitor. Christina is also a supervisor at Moving Forward, she was drawn to the organization as she shares the belief that all individuals should have access to counselling without financial barriers. 

Another source of inspiration comes from the students and interns that Christina mentors. She feels that they are powerful teachers as they each bring their unique life experiences with them; as she guides her students and interns, she is honoured to learn from them as well. Christina’s advice to future counsellors is to trust yourself and the wisdom that you hold. Your life experience is invaluable to the work that you do, and it has the potential to make a big difference in someone’s life. 

In her free time, Christina enjoys a range of activities such as the performing arts, reading, cycling and hiking, yoga and meditation, and travelling with her partner.