Registered Clinical Counsellor & Clinical Practicum Supervisor / Masters of Counselling Psychology

Cristina Rennie

Cristina is a firm believer in allowing clients to choose their healing path. For example, she works with clients at her farm, giving them an option to work with her indoors or with the animals outside.

Accepting Internship Applications

Cristina has been a registered clinical counsellor for over ten years. She works with individuals and families with whom she provides equine and traditional counselling. Cristina works with clients at her farm where she owns and operates Shamrock Wellness Services. She feels that it is important for people to choose their healing path - at Shamrock Wellness clients may choose to work outside with the animals, or in a private therapeutic room. Cristina was drawn to Moving Forward due to the value that they place in community and equal access to mental health resources. Cristina also loves the work that she does with counselling interns and feels that they add tremendous value to her practice.