Mental Health Tips, by Arjan Mann

Mental Health Goals

Goals or resolutions such as physical fitness, dieting, and money management are usually at the top of people’s lists as goals, but mental wellness is often overlooked as a goal.

Mental health is often overlooked and can really benefit our overall health. Goals such as taking more rest or sleep, hygiene habits, and introducing meditation to your routine can add to your physical wellness.

Having at least eight hours of sleep nightly can improve how you function during the day. It can also improve focus and energy levels. Having a good sleep hygiene such as not keeping a computer or phone in your room can also help with sleep. It can also reduce stress and strain on the nervous system before sleep to allow relaxation.

Meditation is similar to rest in that you are actually resting your mind. When we are physically tired, we sit or lay down to rest. Similarly, mediation allows our mind to rest. Adding it to your daily routine can give us mental breaks that are much needed in our daily tasks and the rush to complete them which can be overwhelming.

Let us make goals to improve our minds in addition to physical health. With both a healthy mind and body, so much more can be achieved.

Arjan Mann


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