Why Sports are Beneficial to Our Daily Lives

Arjan Mann, Youth Volunteer

Playing sports is the best activity that has ever happened to me and it will be to people as well if they realize how pleasurable it is for a person’s life. Sports are essential for careers and for life in general. The skills a person can learn from playing sports gives people a variety of talents that a person can use in an individual’s job or in life. Playing sports helps people in life for three reasons: people stay healthy and fit, it gives people good coordination and people learn to be creative.

In the first place, by playing sports people are able to stay fit and healthy. For example, by competing in tennis, I am able to stay healthy and fit. Sometimes, my tennis matches are three hours long. I am much more fit than an average child, and I can use these skills and apply them to my daily life. By using this talent on a regular basis, I am able to overcome any hard-physical task, and I will be able to do it much better than a regular child. As a result of being fit,  I am able to perform strenuous physical daily tasks, and by playing tennis, I am able to incorporate this in my daily life by staying fit.

In addition, by engaging in sports, a person learns to be more creative. For example, when I was playing chess, I was learning how to be much more creative because I could use so many different combinations in the game. When I used to play chess for my school, my teachers were saying how I was getting much more creative with all my writing. As a result, I was doing much better in school. This caused me to achieve better grades, so I was happier and my parents were ecstatic as well.

In the third place, playing sports gives people good hand-eye coordination. For example, if a person has good hand-eye coordination, then an individual can become a surgeon with no worries. My father’s friend’s son used to play sports and he graduated from Harvard University and he is now an eye surgeon. By playing sports, he was able to have good hand-eye coordination, which allowed him to get this amazing job. This all happened from him playing sports when he was younger. I also hope to be this way because in tennis a person has to have good hand-eye coordination. As a result, this former student is now living a good life because he played sports when he was younger.

With participating in competitive sports, students are able to have so many options with their future. Sports gives people advantages and amazing opportunities in life. This will make it easier for people to find jobs. As a result, sports should be played by all children in the world. It will teach them to be ambitious and that is how the real-world works. People cannot survive realistically without sports. Consequently, sports are the best activity that humanity has ever had.


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