World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day: Written by Raajan and Arjan Mann

What is World Mental Health Day?

By Raajan Mann

The World Mental Health Federation established October 10th as World Mental Health Day since 1992. The purpose behind it was to bring awareness to mental health. Mental health struggles happen in adolescents and as well as in adults. Awareness of challenges has grown over the years through education at schools, workplaces and the media. Use this day to visit a loved one or colleague who may have or been suffering mentally. Building a compassionate society is vital to a better world.

World Mental Health Day

By Arjan Mann

Oct 10, 2022 was World Mental Health Day. This is an opportunity for individuals to become aware that mental health is equally as important as physical health. Since school has started again, students can become stressed and overwhelmed. What are some ways to manage the strain of deadlines and piles of homework? First of all, taking baby steps and slow things down. Focus on short term goals such as focusing on daily accomplishments. By that I mean your self care goals. Daily goals such as a good morning routine, followed by after school snacks and activities such as exercise can be beneficial to not only physical health but also mental health. Exercise releases endorphins which relieve pain and stress; all you need is 20 to 30 minutes a day. Exercise such as walking, biking , yoga, gym, dancing or any team sport are beneficial to you. Remember to include it into your daily routine.


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